We neeeeeed ideas

Basically what the title says. We're running low on topics to write about in future blog posts. I'm sure you have health/therapy-related questions or topics that you would like to see either simplified or explained in a little more detail. And I'm happy to do both, for a subject of your choice. So please please … Continue reading We neeeeeed ideas


Sincere apologies to you all

My month long Blogiday was only semi-planned. I had already been thinking of taking the month of Ramadan off, if only to focus on religious activities, but I wasn't sure. Ramadan started in the same sudden way that it always does and I considered putting off my blog post for another week until I adjusted … Continue reading Sincere apologies to you all

How do you deal with sunburn?

So far, we've covered many different health topics and addressed multiple issues related to Hijama (cupping) therapy. Of course, my dear readers, that won't change and we'll continue to do so until ... well ... until we're required to do otherwise. However, we're going to add another flavour to our content and spice up the mix. … Continue reading How do you deal with sunburn?


A Change in Content

October has come around and passed for the second time since the birth of Pure Therapy. Which means that this blog has been running for an entire year! Yay! We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge all of our readers, whether you have liked and commented on our posts or not. Seeing the … Continue reading A Change in Content


Introduction to Pure Therapy

Greetings, dear readers Welcome to our blog! As you may have already deduced from the oh so inferable heading and tagline at the top of the page, this blog will be dedicated to the documentation of hijama-related knowledge and, to a lesser extent, the experiences in our UK-based clinic. The page will be run by … Continue reading Introduction to Pure Therapy