Pure Therapy Clinic The Blog: Genesis and Goals

First of all, I hope you had a great start to the new year and that, like myself, you have some kind of plan for the months to follow. You might have certain targets that you are aiming for in terms of your education, your career or your home life. If you do, feel free … Continue reading Pure Therapy Clinic The Blog: Genesis and Goals


Distracted by my Guest Post

I was supposed to post something on this blog approximately two weeks ago. To be honest, I got completely side-tracked by everything else that I was working on. I've had a highly productive few weeks. One of the main reasons that I forgot to write my own post was because I was focused on formulating … Continue reading Distracted by my Guest Post

Pain-Free Therapy and Problematic Shoulders

At Pure Therapy Clinic, we know that our Pain-Free Therapy treatment plan works wonders for any patient determined enough to see it through to the end. We've watched lives transform over and over again after being exposed to our merged therapeutic techniques along with the health-related advice we offer as part of our individually tailored sessions. … Continue reading Pain-Free Therapy and Problematic Shoulders


The apocalypse and asthma

Pretty sure I wasn't the only one who noticed the sky the other day. Yellow, orange, odd-coloured sun, Mad Max: Fury Road vibes ... Any of that sound familiar? I didn't get to witness the phenomenon - brought to us by the enthusiastic winds of Hurricane Ophelia - in its full glory, unlike the rest of … Continue reading The apocalypse and asthma


Cupping, kidneys and constipation

Hijama (cupping) therapy is one of those treatments that can have both planned and partially unplanned benefits. For example, there are patients that have visited our clinic to treat their systemic points or for detox purposes. After their session had ended, they realised that an ache in their shoulder that they had previously was now … Continue reading Cupping, kidneys and constipation


Do our bodies reflect our brains?

Bit of an odd sounding question, now that I think about it. For lots of people, the label 'stress acne' is one of the not so nice parts of their reality. Most of us are also quite familiar with the sensation of nausea as it accompanies our uncertainty. However, these are usually short term symptoms … Continue reading Do our bodies reflect our brains?


Has healing aided my writer goals?

As mentioned before, my last blog holiday wasn't entirely planned. If it had been, I would've spent my time off being delightfully idle. By idle, I mean that I would've taken a break from the constant battle between getting somewhere in life and being an unproductive member of society, using the time to sleep and … Continue reading Has healing aided my writer goals?