Can Hijama help people with ADHD?

Some people may dismiss the condition as a lack of discipline or claim that it is simply the after effect of a child having too much sugar. Those people probably do not have ADHD and they most likely would not accept that anyone they know has it. However, for those who are familiar with it, … Continue reading Can Hijama help people with ADHD?


What does Hijama (cupping) do for us?

Similar to many other treatments in the world, Hijama (cupping) can be combined with the knowledge of both natural and traditional therapists as well as professional doctors to provide patients with a systemically effective form therapy. Cupping therapists can make use of the Biopsychosocial (BPS) model, a framework that acknowledges the significance of biological, psychological … Continue reading What does Hijama (cupping) do for us?

Why did we choose Hijama (cupping)?

There were so many complementary therapies and alternative remedies that we could have decided to practice and use to help people. We had theory books, online courses and accredited qualifications detailing numerous clinical and homeopathic practices available, just like any other fledgling health practitioner. We could have chosen to look into acupuncture, chiropractic or reflexology. … Continue reading Why did we choose Hijama (cupping)?

Why do we treat the systemic points with Hijama (cupping)?

All around the world, Hijama (cupping) therapists tend to treat people for several similar reasons. These commonly shared goals often include being able to make a living through their skills, healing people via non-medicinal remedies and reviving highly beneficial religious practises. However, their methods usually differ drastically from one practitioner to the next, ranging from … Continue reading Why do we treat the systemic points with Hijama (cupping)?

Can Hijama (cupping) cure sciatica?

Sciatica is a distressingly common condition normally associated with a variety of unpleasant sensations, such as bolts of pain shooting down one leg or a persistent ache in the lower back or hip area. For some, sciatica can be triggered by drastic physiological changes such as pregnancy or specific injuries. For others, the condition gradually … Continue reading Can Hijama (cupping) cure sciatica?