What is reflexology?

The word itself is normally associate with mental images of people massaging feet or weird diagrams with tiny organ-shaped labels over specific parts of the underside of a foot. However, reflexology treatments are not limited to the feet alone. Therapists that practice it apply pressure to certain points found in the lower legs, hands, face … Continue reading What is reflexology?

What is Pain-Free Therapy?

Perhaps you have come across the name of this service on our Facebook page. Or maybe one of our practitioners mentioned it in clinic, during the course of an initial assessment or treatment. The truth is, you might have just stumbled upon this post after mistyping a word in Google. Regardless, here you are and now … Continue reading What is Pain-Free Therapy?

What is fascia?

Greetings, dear readers The topic may be heavily debated amongst scientists and other health professionals, particularly manual therapists. However, very few of them could deny the existence of fascia, a fundamental and complex system in both human and non-human bodies. Healthy fascia allows optimal athletic output, sustains posture and can improve the efficiency of other … Continue reading What is fascia?