What is reflexology?

The word itself is normally associate with mental images of people massaging feet or weird diagrams with tiny organ-shaped labels over specific parts of the underside of a foot. However, reflexology treatments are not limited to the feet alone. Therapists that practice it apply pressure to certain points found in the lower legs, hands, face … Continue reading What is reflexology?

The apocalypse and asthma

Pretty sure I wasn't the only one who noticed the sky the other day. Yellow, orange, odd-coloured sun, Mad Max: Fury Road vibes ... Any of that sound familiar? I didn't get to witness the phenomenon - brought to us by the enthusiastic winds of Hurricane Ophelia - in its full glory, unlike the rest of … Continue reading The apocalypse and asthma

Why do we treat the systemic points with Hijama (cupping)?

All around the world, Hijama (cupping) therapists tend to treat people for several similar reasons. These commonly shared goals often include being able to make a living through their skills, healing people via non-medicinal remedies and reviving highly beneficial religious practises. However, their methods usually differ drastically from one practitioner to the next, ranging from … Continue reading Why do we treat the systemic points with Hijama (cupping)?