Can Hijama help people with ADHD?

Some people may dismiss the condition as a lack of discipline or claim that it is simply the after effect of a child having too much sugar. Those people probably do not have ADHD and they most likely would not accept that anyone they know has it. However, for those who are familiar with it, … Continue reading Can Hijama help people with ADHD?


Pure Therapy Clinic The Blog: Genesis and Goals

First of all, I hope you had a great start to the new year and that, like myself, you have some kind of plan for the months to follow. You might have certain targets that you are aiming for in terms of your education, your career or your home life. If you do, feel free … Continue reading Pure Therapy Clinic The Blog: Genesis and Goals

Distracted by my Guest Post

I was supposed to post something on this blog approximately two weeks ago. To be honest, I got completely side-tracked by everything else that I was working on. I've had a highly productive few weeks. One of the main reasons that I forgot to write my own post was because I was focused on formulating … Continue reading Distracted by my Guest Post


What does Hijama (cupping) do for us?

Similar to many other treatments in the world, Hijama (cupping) can be combined with the knowledge of both natural and traditional therapists as well as professional doctors to provide patients with a systemically effective form therapy. Cupping therapists can make use of the Biopsychosocial (BPS) model, a framework that acknowledges the significance of biological, psychological … Continue reading What does Hijama (cupping) do for us?


We neeeeeed ideas

Basically what the title says. We're running low on topics to write about in future blog posts. I'm sure you have health/therapy-related questions or topics that you would like to see either simplified or explained in a little more detail. And I'm happy to do both, for a subject of your choice. So please please … Continue reading We neeeeeed ideas


Pain-Free Therapy and Problematic Shoulders

At Pure Therapy Clinic, we know that our Pain-Free Therapy treatment plan works wonders for any patient determined enough to see it through to the end. We've watched lives transform over and over again after being exposed to our merged therapeutic techniques along with the health-related advice we offer as part of our individually tailored sessions. … Continue reading Pain-Free Therapy and Problematic Shoulders


Why did we choose Hijama (cupping)?

There were so many complementary therapies and alternative remedies that we could have decided to practice and use to help people. We had theory books, online courses and accredited qualifications detailing numerous clinical and homeopathic practices available, just like any other fledgling health practitioner. We could have chosen to look into acupuncture, chiropractic or reflexology. … Continue reading Why did we choose Hijama (cupping)?