About Pure Therapy Clinic

For years, the practice of Hijama has been circulated among the minority. Many people from Eastern countries were familiar with the practice whereas nations originating from the West had come to know of the technique – or those that were similar – by a different name, such as blood-letting.

Once the Hijama was finally recognised by the name of ‘Cupping’ or ‘Wet Cupping’, it was usually associated with the Oriental fire method or with barbaric acts practised by foreigners or members of a religious sect. It was normally performed undercover or within an environment ill-suited to the practice, such as non-sterile rooms or upon multi-purpose surfaces. Practitioners were often more concerned about drawing blood than they were about prioritising the safety of their patients.

With these examples of malpractice in mind, we at Pure Therapy decided to take matters into our own hands and correct the mistakes that may have been made with good intentions. We intend to promote Hijama as a form of therapy that can be – and has been – of benefit to the majority, regardless of ethnicity, creed and culture. It is a practice that can improve the health statistics of a nation, not just the well being of a particular group of individuals.

Our aim is to change the face of Hijama, starting with its reputation in the UK and working outwards to reach the rest of the world.

Our goal is to provide a safe and hygienic service for our patients, with the intention of removing any misconceptions linked to the practice.

We want Hijama to be acknowledged as the clinical practice that it truly is, as opposed to the horrific act of mutilation that many believe it to be. We can only achieve this dream by spreading the success of our techniques to all and helping as many people as we can.

Join us!


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