Pain-Free Therapy and Problematic Shoulders

At Pure Therapy Clinic, we know that our Pain-Free Therapy treatment plan works wonders for any patient determined enough to see it through to the end. We’ve watched lives transform over and over again after being exposed to our merged therapeutic techniques along with the health-related advice we offer as part of our individually tailored sessions. In this blog post, we’re going share the results of an initial single session with you. Though Pain-Free Therapy is used to combat various dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, this story focuses on someone who visited our clinic with problems linked to the state of  her shoulder girdle.

By the time she found out about our Pure Therapy Clinic, Giulia had already suffered severe neck and shoulder pain for approximately a year. Her symptoms started after she attempted to lift a heavy shutter above the height of her head and ended up damaging her shoulder which had been unable to bear the weight at that particular angle. After we ran a thorough anatomical assessment on her, it became clear that the range of motion of Giulia’s shoulders – and, as a result, her arms – was extremely restricted.

Movements such as shoulder abduction as well as medial and lateral rotation of the humerus were significantly limited. This meant that she was unable to reach far behind her back nor was she able to raise her arms up in the way that most people could. Though she came in believing that only her left shoulder was injured, we revealed that the damage had extended to the muscles of her right, which may have worked over time to compensate for the lack of strength in her other shoulder. The pain that she was feeling grew worse at night, most likely due to the repetitive stress it endured throughout the day, and going to sleep was difficult.

You don’t need to be a therapist to see what’s wrong with this picture. Though her left shoulder was obviously struggling with the position, her right didn’t look that much better.

As a professional hairdresser, Giulia was very much in need of her arms and shoulders. Unfortunately, simple tasks such as washing the hair of her clients or holding a blow-dryer up for certain amounts of time only aggravated her condition. Her arm had started to feel weak and she had given up on the idea of ever being able to lift anything up overhead. She consulted her doctor, who could only prescribe pain medication and suggest that she visit a physiotherapist. Even after following the recommendation of her doctor, physiotherapy did not seem to have any effect and her pain remained the same. Some time later, Giulia got hold a leaflet that introduced her to Pure Therapy Clinic. After having a word with our receptionist, she signed up for our Pain-Free Therapy treatment plan.

During the first session, we carefully palpated both the affected area and the anatomical structures surrounding it. The tension in her neck and shoulders muscles, along with several trigger points and larger patches of muscle tissue adhesion, were easily detected. Once we had identified them, we began treating her with a combination of the Graston technique, dry cupping and some brief heat therapy, targeting the places that seemed to cause her the most trouble. By the end of the session, Giulia was able to lift her hands above her head with ease, completely pain free (pun totally intended).

Freed from her pain and some of her muscle restriction, Giulia was able to hold her arms up in the air for the first time in a looooong time.

When she returned for her second session, Giulia reported that only a small amount of pain seemed to be left-over and that she was feeling much better than she had when she first stepped into the treatment room. To address the remaining aspects of her reduced mobility, Giulia is happily continuing her treatment plan and enjoying the absence of the significant pain that had plagued her for way too long.

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