Cupping, kidneys and constipation

Hijama (cupping) therapy is one of those treatments that can have both planned and partially unplanned benefits. For example, there are patients that have visited our clinic to treat their systemic points or for detox purposes. After their session had ended, they realised that an ache in their shoulder that they had previously was now … Continue reading Cupping, kidneys and constipation

What is Pain-Free Therapy?

Perhaps you have come across the name of this service on our Facebook page. Or maybe one of our practitioners mentioned it in clinic, during the course of an initial assessment or treatment. The truth is, you might have just stumbled upon this post after mistyping a word in Google. Regardless, here you are and now … Continue reading What is Pain-Free Therapy?

Why do we treat the systemic points with Hijama (cupping)?

All around the world, Hijama (cupping) therapists tend to treat people for several similar reasons. These commonly shared goals often include being able to make a living through their skills, healing people via non-medicinal remedies and reviving highly beneficial religious practises. However, their methods usually differ drastically from one practitioner to the next, ranging from … Continue reading Why do we treat the systemic points with Hijama (cupping)?