Do our bodies reflect our brains?

Bit of an odd sounding question, now that I think about it. For lots of people, the label 'stress acne' is one of the not so nice parts of their reality. Most of us are also quite familiar with the sensation of nausea as it accompanies our uncertainty. However, these are usually short term symptoms … Continue reading Do our bodies reflect our brains?


What are we made of?

Before anyone rushes to prove their worth - though it's highly unlikely that the answer is steel - or decides to give the text-book, smarty-pants response - yes, we are made up of atoms but let's think bigger, shall we? - we should probably mention that the title of today's post requires a biologically and … Continue reading What are we made of?

Can Hijama (cupping) cure sciatica?

Sciatica is a distressingly common condition normally associated with a variety of unpleasant sensations, such as bolts of pain shooting down one leg or a persistent ache in the lower back or hip area. For some, sciatica can be triggered by drastic physiological changes such as pregnancy or specific injuries. For others, the condition gradually … Continue reading Can Hijama (cupping) cure sciatica?