Sincere apologies to you all

My month long Blogiday was only semi-planned. I had already been thinking of taking the month of Ramadan off, if only to focus on religious activities, but I wasn’t sure. Ramadan started in the same sudden way that it always does and I considered putting off my blog post for another week until I adjusted to fasting. I was then hit with two wrecking balls one after the other.

The first was my hay fever, having returned with a vengeance after being away the past three seasons. I could swear I’ve spent more time blowing my nose in the past month than I have during the eleven months that preceded it. It’s hard to think in a straight line when you’re sneezing your eyeballs out, much less work on something for other people to read and successfully comprehend. I wouldn’t inflict that content on anyone, much less my dear readers.

The second was the heat. As you may have realised from my previous blog posts, me and the heat are not friends. If fact, I think we’re closer to being arch enemies. The heatwave that hit the UK pretty much stopped me from functioning as a human, instead turning me into a thoroughly baked potato. Crispy on the outside, mushy on the inside and utterly flavourless. Getting burnt by the heat of my laptop was something I could definitely do without.

So yes, I’ve had a lot of fun and I hope you all had equal amounts of delight – the kind that is actually delightful, not my kind of fun – than I did. The next blog post should be up this Friday as usual and we’ll be resuming our normal posting schedule, God-willing. Awfully sorry for the exceptionally long wait. And, as always, thank you for reading.

With Introverted Interest


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