Muscles, tendons and ligaments: What are they?

Everyone knows what they are, right? Wrong! Most people are familiar with muscles and why they exist. But tendons and ligaments too? Generally not. Many have a vague idea of what both are and maybe even where one could locate them. But their knowledge of the two highly necessary anatomical structures is a shaky terrain … Continue reading Muscles, tendons and ligaments: What are they?


How do you manage cold hands?

Somehow, this week's story time post ended up being linked to leafleting. Again. It's almost like I don't do anything else with my time. Maybe its because most worthwhile stories take place beyond the four walls of our comfort zone. And if I'm not working or studying in clinic, work hours are usually spent promoting … Continue reading How do you manage cold hands?

Was Hijama (cupping) a British tradition?

Greetings, dear readers Though the title alone may prompt raised brows, negative answers or simply confused expression, one may be inclined to agree that such a question is intriguing. Or, rather, that the answer itself would hold one's attention. Many believe that the practice of Hijama or cupping came from the Chinese. Some may be … Continue reading Was Hijama (cupping) a British tradition?