How do you deal with sunburn?

So far, we’ve covered many different health topics and addressed multiple issues related to Hijama (cupping) therapy. Of course, my dear readers, that won’t change and we’ll continue to do so until … well … until we’re required to do otherwise. However, we’re going to add another flavour to our content and spice up the mix. Now it’s story time by yours truly.

So I went leafleting the other day for the first time in my life. I wholly expected to encounter dogs on the opposite side of front doors and shove leaflets through letter boxes. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Is it sad to admit that I found approaching strange buildings to promote our business mildly exciting? Regardless, I’ll admit it freely.

In addition to this, I was followed by a surprising number of friendly cats and stared at suspiciously by others from wall tops and behind fences. The unexpected events that followed were less than pleasant surprises. Firstly, the roads that we covered were not always straight, neat rows of houses. And by we, I mean myself and my leafleting partner, whom I’m going to refer to as the Giant. Some (it felt like most) of the houses were uphill, down steps or tucked away in unexpected places. Some of the houses that we visited made me feel like I was about to step into Narnia. Others had the atmosphere of an undiscovered crime scene. Refer back to the previous paragraph where I confessed to a vague sense of excitement.

That was the clearest screenshot I could get …

Secondly, we climbed enough stairs to make Kung Fu Panda feel like an amateur. There was one particular road, now burnt into my memory for the rest of my life, that had a flight of stairs leading up to every single house on one side of the road. And by stairs, I don’t mean just two or three steps. No, no, no. Each house had about seven, eight, sometimes even nine steps paving the way to the letter box that I was duty bound to visit. The other side appeared to have the same design, only the steps went down instead of up. Guess which side of the road I ended up leafleting on?

panda stairs.png
There. Were. So. Many. Steps. I. Thought. I. Was. Going. To. Die

And lastly, we were out there leafleting for five hours instead of three. On the plus side, it meant we hit approximately 1200 houses, judging by the number of leaflets we had left over. It also meant that we were beneath an over-enthusiastic sun at its zenith amidst mercilessly blue skies. The only thing that stopped us from getting heatstroke, I believe, was the desperately needed Spring breeze that swept over us from time to time and kept us somewhat cooler than we would have been.

This was how it looked towards the evening. Mere shreds of cloud against the glare

It should come as no surprise that I got sunburnt. Already being someone with a vampiric reaction to sunlight and heat in general, under the aforementioned conditions I did not stand a chance. I came home that evening with an even redder and puffier face than usual. The aloe vera gel that I had applied to my skin before going out must have been worn away by the aggressive UV rays and the burns were as itchy as they were rosy in colour. After treating my face with another application of aloe vera gel (which prompted more itching as the plant reacted to my sore skin), I decided that the only thing left to do was to drink lots of water and then sleep it away. Honestly speaking, I tend to up my daily hydration and rest properly rather than take medication when dealing with most problems, both health and stress related. I’ve found out that, most of the time, it does the job like a workaholic.

My life saver. Within reason. Obviously.

Suffering as I have under sunlight has made me wonder how other people deal with sunburn. Does everyone experience itching after their skin has been burnt? Do people get sunburnt as soon as they step into sun rays or does it vary depending on their exposure to it? There are lots of creams and lotions available to protect yourself from scary UV rays but how do you treat yourself after getting sunburnt? For both scientific and curiosity-satisfying purposes, I’d love to hear about your unrequited love story with the sun.

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As always, thank you for reading! It means more than you know.

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