Why is ginger good for us?

Greetings, dear readers Most of us may be familiar with the knobbly, hard-to-identify-type of food stashed somewhere in our kitchen. We may recognise it better as the scent that usually comes from the tea brewed by our grandmothers, taken to lower their chronic high blood pressure. As far as traditional remedies go, the health benefits … Continue reading Why is ginger good for us?

How do you deal with sunburn?

So far, we've covered many different health topics and addressed multiple issues related to Hijama (cupping) therapy. Of course, my dear readers, that won't change and we'll continue to do so until ... well ... until we're required to do otherwise. However, we're going to add another flavour to our content and spice up the mix. … Continue reading How do you deal with sunburn?

What is fascia?

Greetings, dear readers The topic may be heavily debated amongst scientists and other health professionals, particularly manual therapists. However, very few of them could deny the existence of fascia, a fundamental and complex system in both human and non-human bodies. Healthy fascia allows optimal athletic output, sustains posture and can improve the efficiency of other … Continue reading What is fascia?