Can Hijama (cupping) help cancer patients?

Greetings, dear readers Cancer. The word alone is often enough to spread fear and instil a sense of despair in many people. Some perceive it as an inevitable destination, brought to their attention by sign posts such as odd or inexplicable symptoms. Others avoid various materials and ingredients to escape the possibility of developing the … Continue reading Can Hijama (cupping) help cancer patients?

Why should we stay active?

Greetings, dear readers Being active can range from performing stretches whilst seated at a desk to taking part in an enthusiastic Zumba class, from climbing a flight of stairs to long work-out sessions at the gym. Though they may differ from one person to another, activity levels can change once an individual begins to challenge … Continue reading Why should we stay active?

Can Hijama (cupping) treat varicose veins?

Greetings, dear readers Many find them alarming to look at, particularly those that have no idea as to what they might be. Some pay to have them surgically removed for cosmetic reasons. Others are forced to seek treatment due to the development of health complications. Despite being associated with old age, varicose veins are just … Continue reading Can Hijama (cupping) treat varicose veins?