Why is sleep so important?

Greetings, dear readers Most true insomniacs would probably agree with the statement that quality sleep is a luxury. One that many people do not acknowledge, let alone appreciate. For those who wake up well rested, it may be hard to understand those that sleep for longer yet still have a hard time getting through the … Continue reading Why is sleep so important?

Do you have happy feet?

Greetings, dear readers Despite their unique ability to transport their owners wherever they want to go, feet are probably the most under appreciated part of the body. Bed-bound patients and those that use wheelchairs or walking aids may be less likely to overlook the benefits of having fully functioning feet. Similarly, those who spend most … Continue reading Do you have happy feet?

Can Hijama (cupping) relieve headaches?

Greetings, dear readers At some point in life, most people will experience the feeling of having their brain work against them. And not in the 'having negative thoughts' kind of way. This sensation is usually physically painful and sometimes accompanied by a number of other symptoms. For some, it is a mild inconvenience that can … Continue reading Can Hijama (cupping) relieve headaches?