Hijama (cupping) and Fainting

Greetings, dear readers Some people are no strangers to fainting and have lost consciousness once or twice during their life. Many have experienced light-headedness, bringing them to the brink of passing out, but go no further than the sensation of having a brief 'black out'. Others have never fainted at all and have no idea … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Fainting

Apple Cider Vinegar: An Overview

Greetings, dear readers As it is with many non-medicinal remedies, the benefits of using apple cider vinegar to treat different health conditions, or to improve the quality of an individual's life, cannot always be scientifically proven. However, its collective ingredients, such as acetic acid and pectin, have been discovered and researched to varying degrees, lending … Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar: An Overview