Hijama (cupping) and Acupuncture: A Comparison

Greetings, dear readers When searching for alternative forms of therapy or medicine, acupuncture is one of the most common suggestions. Derived from the Latin words 'acus' meaning 'needle' and 'punctura' meaning 'to puncture', the practice is more or less defined by its name. However, theoretically speaking, there is more to the complementary therapy than just … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Acupuncture: A Comparison

Hijama (cupping) and the Significance of Oil

Greetings, dear readers Whenever Hijama is mentioned in a conversation, many people tend to consider similar elements of the practice. The first things that usually come to mind are images of plastic or glass cups, surgical blades, razors, specific pumps or maybe even the tools used during Chinese-style cupping. But how often do they think of oil as a vital part of … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and the Significance of Oil