Hijama (cupping) and Sinusitis

Greetings, dear readers Sometimes, we meet people who seem like they're suffering from an allergy attack or a continuous cold. These people may seem to have a lot of headaches and often appear disgusted whenever they blow their nose and look at their tissue afterwards. Some of them may have trouble bending forward, with their … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Sinusitis


Hijama (cupping) and Gout

Greetings, dear readers Last week, we covered arthritis, its symptoms and how it affects an individual's joints as well as the surrounding anatomical structures, such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments. We explained that there are different types of arthritis and how they influence the cells. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage lining of the joint … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Gout

Hijama (cupping) and Arthritis

Greetings, dear readers Arthritis is a condition commonly associated with the elderly. However, statistics have shown that arthritis can affect people of all ages and has been diagnosed in people from various cultures and life styles. In the UK alone, roughly ten million people suffer from this musculoskeletal condition, which is often recognised by the … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Arthritis


Hijama (cupping) for Drivers

Greetings, dear readers Many would agree that Hijama is a beneficial therapy for almost everyone to some degree. Without the restraints of certain conditions, such as severe anaemia, active cancer and extremely low blood pressure, most people are free to have Hijama done as a form of treatment or bodily detox. On the other hand, … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) for Drivers