Hijama (cupping), Acne and Other Skin Conditions

Greetings, dear readers There seem to be very few people in the world who do not wish for better skin. Some of us seek only to clear up the odd zit or three. Others have to deal with painful outbreaks on their faces or bodies nearly every day of their lives. At Pure Therapy, we … Continue reading Hijama (cupping), Acne and Other Skin Conditions

Hijama (cupping) and Anaemia

Greetings, dear readers Lots of us walk around feeling tired most of the time. There are many things that can contribute to that, such as a lack of sleep, a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle. However, there is a certain degree of exhaustion that is almost unique to anaemia. Although its odd spelling may … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Anaemia

Hijama (cupping) and Menstrual Pain

Greetings, dear readers Studies have suggested that up to 90% of women suffer from menstrual pain or dysmenorrhoea at some point in their lives. Some experience pain as soon as their period starts. Others have been known to expect pain several days beforehand. The pain associated with their period can vary from mildly uncomfortable spasms … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Menstrual Pain