Hijama (cupping), Hay fever and Other Allergies

Greetings, dear readers Ever seen those people who seem to have a cold all year round and constantly have tissue stuffed up their nose? Or those that walk around during the warmer months looking like they've cried themselves to sleep for the last few nights? If you have, odds are you've noticed an individual with … Continue reading Hijama (cupping), Hay fever and Other Allergies

Hijama (cupping) and Blades

Greetings, dear readers As ominous as the title of this post sounds, the topic of discussion today is quite simple and potentially as harmless. When performing Hijama on a willing 'guinea pig' (we mean that metaphorically of course. If you know someone who performs Hijama on real guinea pigs, steer clear. And, if possible, get … Continue reading Hijama (cupping) and Blades