Introduction to Pure Therapy

Greetings, dear readers

Welcome to our blog!

As you may have already deduced from the oh so inferable heading and tagline at the top of the page, this blog will be dedicated to the documentation of hijama-related knowledge and, to a lesser extent, the experiences in our UK-based clinic. The page will be run by experts; hijama experts, that is. Blogging on WordPress is not something we’re familiar with. Please bear with us.

During the course of our blog-journey, we may use Arabic terms and phrases that our non-Arabic speaking readers may not be familiar with. We will try to translate these words the first time they are used for the benefit of those who do not recognise them.

To round off this brief introductory post, we would like to mention that the clinical application of hijama is often more commonly known by the western terms ‘wet cupping’ or ‘cupping therapy’. Though there may be differences in practice, hijama and cupping therapy are the same thing. We pray that clears up any confusion with regards to that particular topic and hope to offer our readers further clarity of related subjects.

Thank you for reading!

The Pure Therapy Team

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